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A part of a quantity is called a fraction.


A quantity can be divided as any number of equal parts. If we take either one or more parts from them, then the portion is called as a fraction.

Remember, we can take as many parts as we want but we should not take all the parts as a fraction because taking all parts means we are taking the whole quantity and it cannot be called as a fraction. So, the quantity of a fraction is always less than the whole quantity.


Let’s try to learn the concept of a fraction from the following geometrical object.

  1. Take a circle and split it as three equal parts.
  2. Select a part from them by separating it from the circle.
  3. The selected part is a part of the circle and it cannot be called as a circle. So, it is called as a fraction.
  4. Now, we have two parts remaining. They cannot be called as a circle because they are also part of the circle. Therefore, the sum of the two parts of a circle is also called as a fraction.

Therefore, it can be understood that a fraction can be either a part of a quantity or sum of the parts of the same quantity.


The fractions are mathematically expressed in rational numbers.


Learn the different types of fractions with their definitions and example fractions with understandable geometrical explanation.

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