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Types of fractions

You have the studied the concept of fraction and let’s get started to learn the different types of fractions and their properties with understandable geometrical explanation.

Basic classification

The fractions are mainly classified into three types.

Proper fractions

A fraction whose denominator is greater than the numerator is called a proper fraction.

Improper fractions

A fraction whose denominator is less than the numerator is called an improper fraction.

Mixed fractions

An improper fraction that contains a mixer of a whole quantity and a proper fraction is called a mixed fraction.

Further classification

The fundamental fractions can be further classified into three more types.

Like fractions

The fractions that have same denominator are called the like fractions.

Unlike fractions

The fractions that contain different denominators are called the unlike fractions.

Equivalent fractions

The fractions that have equal value are called the equivalent fractions or equal fractions.

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