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Privacy Policy

Math Doubts strictly follows a policy about privacy of user information. Math Doubts does not have intention to collect your information in any manner but the information that we consider from our website is only to provide you much better service. Here, we disclose types of users’ data we collect and different kinds of services we use or partner to collect or share the users’ data. It understands you the security level of user information while surfing on our website.

User Information

Collection of Data:

Math Doubts collects two types of information when you visit our website. We collect your personal information with your personal interest only and we collect your personal computer information by the genuine third party tracking system automatically.

  1. Your Personal Information (Your name and email address) when you contact us or subscribe to our posts with your interest.
  2. Your Personal Computer (PC) Information (Operating System, Location, Screen Size, Internet Browser, source of visiting our website, visiting pages, and etc.) when you visit our website. We cannot see the data of your personal computer individually but can only see average data of all users.

Use of Data:

Math Doubts is a dedicated service of providing best math education to you, strictly follows legitimate rules of the Cyber Law and never misuse your information but uses in offering the best service to you.

  1. Your personal information is very important to us to have an official interaction with you. We usually use user data to inform you the information about our future plans, to suggest tips to use our service much better, to know feedback from you about our service, to help you to clarify your doubts in mathematics, to send recently published articles to you and etc.
  2. We often modify or upgrade the official website of Math Doubts by studying the average data of all users’ personal computers and it is helps to get much better experience while you surf on our website.

Storing the Data

Math Doubts stores collected users data at safer and most secured areas of various Internet based services.

  1. Your personal information is stored in our mailing contact list for further communication if you contact us through your email and you can send a request to us to delete your personal information from our mailing list permanently.
  2. Our email subscribing system provider automatically stores your personal information especially your email at its secured area if you subscribe to us. We may collect such data and store in our email listing too but only for verified subscribers.
  3. The average data of all users PCs information is stored by our site tracking system automatically for us.

Sharing the Data

It is our policy not to share any data of our users with anyone.

Last Updated: March 27, 2016

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