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The logarithm is inverse operation of exponentiation. It is used to do calculations without calculators, computers, mobiles and etc. Actually, the calculating machines fail in some cases even though we are in very advanced stage technically but logarithms never fails. Therefore, everyone must learn logarithmic mathematics.


To start learning logarithms, you must have knowledge on three basic concepts. So, let’s start to learn them one after one.

Learn how to express the quantities in exponential form.

Introduction to logarithms and learn how to express it mathematically.

Learn the mathematical relation between the exponents and logarithms.

Log systems

There are two popular logarithmic systems in mathematics and they are used to find the logarithm of any quantity. So, learn both of them clearly to understand the system of logarithms.

Learn how to develop logarithmic system by considering e as base to find log of any quantity.

Learn how to develop logarithmic system by considering 10 as base to find log of any quantity.

You can even develop your own logarithmic system by considering a number as base to find log of any quantity.

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Advanced Topics

There are three basics concepts you must learn to start studying the logarithms.

Learn how to write a quantity as a logarithmic term.

Learn how to express a quantity as a logarithmic expression.

Introduction to logarithmic equations and knowledge to solve it.

Log identities

The list of logarithmic properties with proofs and also learn how to use them as formulas in logarithmic mathematics.

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