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Vertices of a Triangle

A point where any two sides of a triangle meet, is called a vertex of a triangle.


Geometrically, a triangle is formed by the intersection of three line segments. Each side of a triangle has two endpoints and the endpoints of all three sides are intersected possibly at three different points in a plane for forming a triangle. The three different intersecting points of them are called vertices of a triangle.


$\Delta PQR$ is a triangle and it is formed by three line segments.

vertices of a triangle
  1. The sides $\small \overline{PQ}$ and $\small \overline{PR}$ are intersected at point $\small P$. So, the point $\small P$ is called as a vertex.
  2. The sides $\small \overline{PQ}$ and $\small \overline{QR}$ are intersected at point $\small Q$. So, the point $\small Q$ is called as a vertex.
  3. The sides $\small \overline{PR}$ and $\small \overline{QR}$ are intersected at point $\small R$. So, the point $\small R$ is called as a vertex.

Therefore, the intersecting points $P$, $Q$ and $R$ are called the vertices of the triangle $PQR$.

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