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Sides of a triangle

The line segments which form a triangle by the intersection of their endpoints are called sides of a triangle.


The endpoints of three line segments are connected each other to form a closed geometric shape, known as triangle. Each line segment which plays a role in forming a triangle is usually called as a side in geometry.

Therefore, there are three sides in a triangle and they can be either equal or different.

sides of a triangle


A side of a triangle is basically a line segment. So, every side of a triangle is denoted same as the representation of a line segment.

Mathematically, the sides of the triangle are written as $\overline{JK}$, $\overline{KL}$ and $\overline{JL}$

Length of sides

The lengths of sides $\overline{JK}$, $\overline{KL}$ and $\overline{JL}$ are unknown but the length of each side is denoted by their points.

$(1) \,\,\,$ The length of side $\overline{JK}$ is written as $JK$.

$(2) \,\,\,$ The length of side $\overline{KL}$ is written as $KL$.

$(3) \,\,\,$ The length of side $\overline{JL}$ is written as $JL$.

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