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Linear equations

An equation that represents a straight line in one or more variables is called a linear equation.


Let’s know the meaning of a linear equation before start studying the concept of linear equations. It can be described from the meanings of the two words “linear” and “equation”.

  1. The word “linear” means having the form of a line.
  2. The word “equation” means a statement that expresses the equality of two mathematical expressions.

Therefore, a linear equation is basically an equation, which contains two equivalent mathematical expressions. If this equation represents a straight line when the equation is plotted on a graph by taking different values of variable or variables, then the equation is called as a linear equation.


In geometry, the straight lines are basic graphical objects. For studying the straight lines, it is essential to take the help of mathematical analysis. For example, there are six types of standard linear equations in geometric systems for representing the straight lines in mathematical form. So, it is an advantage in study of the straight lines if you learn the linear equations firstly.


Learn the following two concepts to start learning the linear equations.

  1. Variables
  2. Equations


Learn, different types of linear equations and also learn the methods of solving.

  1. Linear equations in one variable
  2. Linear equations in two variables

Linear systems

Introduction to learn the system of simultaneous linear equations with methods of solving.

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