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What is a Matrix?


A systematic arrangement of elements in rows and columns within the brackets is called a matrix.


The word ‘matrix’ represents one matrix and the word ‘matrices’ represents two or more.

A matrix is usually expressed by brackets symbolically and the space within the brackets is split into requisite number of rows and number of columns as per the number of elements. The intersection of rows and columns split the whole space into numerous slots inside the matrix and the elements are displayed inside the matrix one per slot.


There are six basics to start learning the matrices.

  1. Symbolic Representation
  2. Elements
  3. Row
  4. Column
  5. Mathematical Representation
  6. Order

Once you understand them, you are ready to start learning the matrices.

A matrix is a rectangular array in which elements are displayed in number of rows and columns in an order. Here is an example matrix in fundamental algebraic form.


There are four mathematical operations with matrices.

  1. Addition
  2. Subtraction
  3. Multiplication
  4. Division (Coming soon)


  1. Minors


List of the matrix problems with solutions to learn how to solve the matrix questions in mathematics.

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