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Representation of the factors


A system of denoting the factors of a quantity is called the representation of the factors.


A quantity can be split as a product of two or more factors of that quantity as per the factorization or factorisation. Actually, the factors of every quantity are written horizontally by separating every two factors of a quantity by a comma symbol with some space but the word “and” is written between the last two factors of any quantity.

It is an elementary method of expressing the factors of a quantity in mathematics, but it is inconvenient for us to express them more than once. So, there should be a system to denote the factors of a quantity and it is called the representation of the factors.

Let’s try to understand the representation of the factors in mathematics by an example.

The factors of a number $18$ are written as $1$, $2$, $3$, $6$, $9$ and $18$.

It clears that $1$, $2$, $3$, $6$, $9$ and $18$ are the factors of the natural number $18$.


The list of factors of a number is denoted by the upper-case alphabet $F$. So, the factors of number $18$ are written as $F$ subscript $18$ in mathematical form.

$F_{18}$ $\,=\,$ $1$, $2$, $3$, $6$, $9$ and $18$

In this way, the factors of any number is represented in mathematical form.

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