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Number Line

A straight-line whose length splits as the required number of equal parts is called a number line.


number line

A number line is basically a straight line but its length is divided as required number of equal parts and each division is represented by a real number.

The arrow heads at both sides of the number line indicate that the line and real numbers can be extended up to infinity at both sides.

It is basically used to identify the location of any point on the plane by comparison. It is also used to understand the arithmetic operations.


A number line can be drawn geometrically in four simple steps.

construction of number line
  1. Draw a straight line of any length.
  2. Divide the length of the straight line as required number of equal parts by marking points.
  3. Identity centre point and represent it by zero.
  4. Represent the points, right side to the centre by positive real numbers and also represent the points, left side to the centre by negative real numbers.
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