The amount of rotation of a ray from its initial position to final position is called angle.


graphical animation of angle

The geometrical concept of angle can be understood clearly in three steps from the graphical animation of the angle.

  1. $\overrightarrow{PQ}$ is a ray and it is in a direction initially on the plane.
  2. The ray $\overrightarrow{PQ}$ is rotated from its initial position and reached its final position on the plane. The ray $\overrightarrow{PQ}$ become $\overrightarrow{PR}$ at its final position.
  3. Some rotation is made by the ray to reach its final position from its initial position and the amount of rotation is known as angle.


The following four concepts are basic topics to learn the concept of angle in geometry.

Learn the possible ways to form angles geometrically.

The meeting place of two lines to form an angle.

The two straight lines which form an angle by their meeting.

Learn how to express an angle in mathematical form.

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