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cos 2 theta
Jun 17, 2017
Proof of cos 2θ formula
Learn cosine of double angle formula and know to express cos 2 theta expansion in terms of cos and sin theta. Geometrical approach to derive the expansion of cos two theta in terms of sine and cosine of theta.

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Jun 16, 2017
square matrix
Introduction to square matrix and know the condition to form square matrices in matrix algebra. Learn how to express square matrices in terms of order and learn it much better from more understandable examples.
Jun 15, 2017
conversion of cos to sin
Learn the conversion of cosine to sine to know how to write cosine in terms of sine in trigonometry and know the possible ways to convert cos in terms of sin and also know how to prove them in mathematics.
Jun 14, 2017
a-b whole square formula
Learn how to prove a minus b whole square formula in algebraic form by geometric method and know how the expansion of a-b whole square identity equals to a squared plus b squared minus 2ab in mathematics.
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rectangular matrix
Jun 10, 2017
Introduction to rectangular matrix in matrix algebra and learn how rectangular matrices are formed in mathematics and its representation in general form. Learn the possible cases of forming rectangular matrices with examples.
sine 2 theta formula
Jun 08, 2017
Introduction to sine 2 theta formula in trigonometry and learn how to prove the expansion of sine two theta is equal to twice the product of sine and cosine of the angle and understand the geometric approach for proving it.
method of completing the square
Jun 05, 2017
Learn how to transform a quadratic equation in perfect square binomial and also learn the method of solving quadratic equations in five simple steps to obtain the roots of the quadratic equations easily.
Zero matrix
Jun 03, 2017
Introduction to concept of null matrix in matrix algebra and a general form zero matrix to understand how to represent null matrices in mathematics. Also, examples to understand different order zero matrices.
sine 18 degrees
Jun 02, 2017
Learn how to derive the exact value of sine 18 degrees in mathematics by using trigonometric concepts and some other concepts and also learn how to verify the value of sin 18 degrees by the geometry.
complete angle
Jun 01, 2017
Introduction to complete angle with its definition. Learn how to represent complete angles in three different angle measuring systems and animated visual graphics to understand the formation of complete angles geometrically.
circle touching y axis
March 20, 2017
Learn how to derive equation of a circle in two geometric approaches when the circle touches the y-axis by passing through a point. Know how to write circle’s equation in four different algebraic forms.
circle touching x-axis
March 13, 2017
Learn how to prove equation of a circle in algebraic form by using two different geometric approaches if the circle is touched the x-axis and passed through a point on the plane.
base of exponential notation
March 01, 2017
Introduction to concept of base of the exponential notation. Learn how base is expressed in exponential form expressions along with understandable examples. Also learn how to express an exponential notation in algebraic form.
reflex angle
February 23, 2017
Introduction to concept of reflex angle in geometry. A case study to understand how reflex angles are formed geometrically. Learn how a straight angle can form it by rotation and also know how two lines can form reflex angle between them.

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