Like Algebraic factors

Quantities which denote by same symbol are defined, like algebraic factors.

Quantities are usually expressed in the form of alphabetic letters in algebraic system. Therefore, every alphabetic character which represents a quantity is known as an algebraic factor. In some cases, algebraic factors are used number of times. So, an algebraic factor which represents a quantity is known as like factor to same algebraic factor and vice-versa. Hence, they are called as like algebraic factors.


Consider an alphabet y and it is just a letter and cannot be called as an algebraic factor. However, if it represents a quantity, then it is called as an algebraic factor. So, assume the value of the algebraic factor y is 3 and it is written in mathematics as follows.

y = 3

The number 9 is a product of 3 and 3. So, the number 9 can be expressed as a product of 3 and 3.

9 = 3×3

In this case, algebraic factor y is representing the number 3. So, the number 3 can be expressed in algebraic form as a product of two y letters. In other words, one letter is used twice.

9 = y×y

The two algebraic factors are denoted by only one letter and it is y. So, the letters y and y are known as like algebraic factors.

According to this example, an alphabet can be used number of times in algebra but it becomes a like algebraic factor to same alphabet.

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