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Mixed fraction

A fraction of combination of a proper fraction and at least one whole, is called mixed fraction.

Adding a fraction to a whole forms a fractional quantity and it is known as mixed fraction due to adding a fraction to whole quantity. Fractions are usually added to at least one whole quantity to form the mixed fractions.

In number system, whole quantities are expressed in the form of integers and fractions are displayed in the form of rational numbers. So, mixed fractions are expressed in the form of a special number style which represents number of wholes by integer and proper fraction by rational number.


mixed fraction

Consider two whole circles. Divide second circle into six equal parts. Now, consider first circle and a part from the second circle. The combination of one whole circle and a part is called a mixed fraction.

The total number of whole circle is 1 and the proper fraction of second circle is 16. In mixed form, it is expressed as 116 in number system.

mixed fraction

Consider three whole rectangles and divide one of them into four equal parts. Now, select two whole rectangles and three parts from the third one.

In this case, the total number of whole rectangles are 2 and the proper fraction of selection portion of third rectangle is 34. They form a mixed fraction and it is expressed in number form as 234.

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