A method of expressing the elements of the set by comma separation inside a pair of curly braces is called Roster method.

Roster method is a mathematical method of representing a set in mathematics. In this method, elements are displayed inside a pair of curly braces and a comma along with a character space is displayed between every two elements to represent elements of a set mathematically. Roster method is also called as tabular method.


Elements of the set

Six sports balls are considered to understand the process of representing elements of the set in Roster method.

In this example, the elements are six sports balls Basket Ball, Cricket Ball, Tennis Ball, Football, Pool Ball and Volley Ball.

Names of all six sports balls are displayed inside a pair of curly brackets and each name is separated from another by a comma symbol along with a character space.

The set is denoted by a symbol B.

B  =  { Basket Ball,  Cricket Ball,  Tennis Ball,  Football,  Poll Ball,  Volley Ball }

Numbers are elements in mathematics. Here is an example to represent numbers in tabular method.

R = {3, 4, 6, 8, 10 }

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