Natural numbers

symbol of natural numbers

A number which represents a real whole object is called a natural number.

Natural numbers is a set of numbers which represent real and complete objects. It is mainly used to count the whole objects. Hence, natural numbers are also called as counting numbers.

It is a primary numeric system in real numbers and it starts from number 1.

How to use

Natural numbers are mainly used to count the whole objects.

One apple

An apple. The number of apple here is one. So, it is called one apple. It is expressed as 1 apple in mathematics.

two cars

Cars. The number of cars here in this example is two. Therefore, they are called two cars and expressed as 2 cars in mathematics.

One apple

Football. The number of footballs in this case is three. So, they are called three footballs and written as 3 footballs in mathematics.

Four puppies

Puppies. The number of puppies in this example is four. So, they are called four puppies and written as 4 puppies in mathematics.


The collection of natural numbers forms a set and the set of natural numbers is denoted by a letter N in mathematics. The set of natural numbers are expressed in mathematics as follows.

N = { 1, 2, 3, 4, …}

Natural numbers are infinite. So, the set of natural numbers is an example for an infinite set.

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