An algebraic expression that represents a quantity by single algebraic term is called Monomial.

Some quantities can be expressed in only one algebraic term algebraically. Due to representing the quantity by only one algebraic term, the algebraic expression is named as Monomial, where Mono is an English language’s prefix and its meaning is one.


Algebraically, monomials are possibly appeared in three different forms in mathematics.


Algebraic term

An algebraic term is one term mathematical expression and used to represent the quantity in algebraic system. So, every algebraic term is called a monomial.


  • 2a
  • 6x2
  • p3q2r
  • mc2rg4

Algebraic symbol

An algebraic symbol is also one term mathematical expression and it is also used to denote the quantity in mathematics. Actually, an algebraic symbol is an algebraic term. Therefore, every algebraic symbol is known as a monomial.


  • e
  • g


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